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Our Sizing

Our bandanas are designed to slip over a collar fuss free but can be a tad snug depending on your collar width.

Size                         Length                    Height                    Fits Collars (Upto)

XS                             13cm                        11cm                           3/4" Wide

Small                         16cm                       13cm                            1" Wide

Medium                    19cm                       15cm                          1 1/4" Wide

Large                      23.5cm                     17cm                          1 1/4" Wide

XL                             35cm                      25cm                         1 1/2" Wide


If you are after for example a Medium but have a 1 1/2" wide collar, please leave in notes so we can make your medium fit your collar.

All sizings are an approximate as we paw-make them so they can't always be pawfection (but they are pretty close!) Please note these sizings are NOT sizings in relation to your dogs neck, these bandanas slip over a collar and do not get tied around the neck.