MYSTERY BAGS! - 3 bandanas

MYSTERY BAGS! - 3 bandanas

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While we believe that boy dogs can rock flowers and girl cats can feature trucks we understand that not everyone likes the idea of putting flowers on their male pet. While these are >Mystery Bags< we have done our best to put the overly feminine and masculine prints into seperate bags for your convenience so you are likely to use and love the products you receive. Our female bags tend to feature pinks/purples or florals but not all 3 bandanas inside are necessarily overtly feminine. The same with the male labelled bags, they tend to feature darker colours and themes commonly associated with boys but again not strictly so you will get a range of product. Our Neutral bags are a combination of anything from scales to geometrics and everything in between. These may have some designs that you may associate with being masculine or feminine but we believe that these designs are relatively genderless and just down right adorable.

Each Mystery Bag contains 3 bandanas in a particular size.
Mystery Bag purchases are final sale and cannot be exchanged or refunded.
1 in every 10 bags has 4 bandanas instead of 3.
Only while stocks last.

No mystery bag contains the same 2 bandanas. Mystery bags are pre-packed.
Bandanas can be anything from our stock.

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