The Story behind the face

It started with a name; Koda. Once we brought our little fur-kid into our lives everything changed.
Koda is the inspiration behind the 'Korner' and our motivation to go on.


Koda has a condition known as E.P.I which we are working towards raising awareness of. She became ill and went undiagnosed for a considerable amount of time, causing her to only get sicker with no help. She was half her body weight and we nearly lost her. She is now on the road to recovery but it is an extremely long way to go. Koda won’t pass up a toy so of course she is head of toy quality control.


Kimba is deaf and an off-lead adventurer!  While she doesn't have any hearing, her sniffer works a treat and her taste buds sure know how to test out the baked goods! She has been appointed chief executive in charge of food quality control. Kimba has some severe anxiety in certain situations so our bandanas and bowties are particularly helpful to her with a spray of Adaptil.

With two dogs sitting at home that need extra attention and a 9-5 job that made me miserable, I decided that it was now or never. Now was the time to take my simple hobby of making pet products and make it my full time passion. I left the job that made me question my every move and focused on the things that made me happy, my motivation, my whole world - my fur-kids. 


Koda's Korner is truly a family run business. While I run the show, I am never without help from my family.
My Fiancé, Nick, will often help me iron and pin bandanas, my mother will help me cut up fabric and my grandmother is almost always at my market stalls, sprooking and handing out samples. I couldn't have made it here today without their help.

We have also formed a wonderful pack that we work closely with through Instagram! Find them below.